The main document governing the activities of the Professional and Academic Programs is called "Internal Regulations". The Programs follows major regulations of UFBA and CAPES.
The Internal Regulations of 2009 were recently amended, giving rise to the Internal Regulation of 2016. Part of the changes in the new Regulation are associated with updating the name of the Academic and Professional Programs and the pedagogical projects of their respective courses (new pedagogical projects are available In the "Courses" section of the main menu).
Updates related to these aspects will become effective only after the approval of the pedagogical projects by the UFBA Teaching Chamber and by Capes. The other updates are already in effect.
Access the two Portuguese versions of the Internal Regulations in the links below. International students may need to contact faculty or the coordination of PPGEcoBio to fully understand the regulations.
  •  Internal Regulations 2009
  •  Internal Regulations 2016
  •  Internal Regulation of 2016 (with notes referring UFBA and CAPES regulations)