Theses, Dissertations and Conclusion Works

At the end the each course, post-graduate students must to publicly defend their work, which is termed thesis, in the course of Doctorate in Ecology, dissertation in the Academic Master's Degree in Ecology and Biomonitoring, and Course Final Work in the case of Professional Master's Degree in Ecology Applied to Environmental Management.
The written files of these documents can be accessed through the Capes Sucupira Platform  in the option "Trabalhos de Conclusão".
To carry out search in this page, the user must indicate the year of the last quadrennial evaluation (currently, 2016) and the Teaching Institution (UFBA) and the "Ecologia” Program for the Professional Program and "Ecologia e Biomonitoramento” for PhD and Academic Master. The magnifying glass icon gives access to the data of each work, and in the page of each work, the link of the "anexo" item in the subheading "Dados do Trabalho de Conclusão" gives access to the PDF file of the completion work.